Basic Home Garage Tools

Mechanics Tool Set or Socket set: - I highly recommend getting the 154 pc or 200 pc Craftsman Mechanics tool.  Sears, Kmart have specials on these tools. Costco also carries a selection of Craftsman tools. The good thing about Craftsman tools is that it carries a lifetime warranty, which means, if a wrench goes bad, just take to any Sears store across the nation and they will replace it –no receipt required, and no questions asked. Another good thing is they have both metric sockets (for Japanese and European Cars) and ANSI for (American Cars). If you are starting out being a DIY most of the things listed in the page can be brought at a good deal at the Back Friday sales.  Please don’t fall victim to those cheap 100 in 1 home tool set that you can buy – you know from where. Those are not quality and wont last. If you want to be a bit fancy like my dad, you can purchase the similar Snap-On tools set.


Extension Set :- You need these to extend the reach of the sockets from your main tool set (above).  They come in ½ inch and ¼ inch . You can get these from Sears or cheaper variety from Harbor Freight Tools or similar. These need not be the best.

Spark Plug Socket: This is included in your Mechanics Tool Set for most Japanese and American cars.

Plug Socket

But if you have smaller type plugs like in BMW or Audi you need the right socket , you can buy this online or at the parts section of the Car Dealer.

BMW Plug Socket


Oil Filter Wrench:- This is the tool needed to twist the Oil filter out.  To be frank you can even use a worn out leather belt to twist the filter out. But in most cars the access area or the space around the filter is so tiny that it makes sense to get a dedicated tool to remove the oil filter. Depending on your car’s filter this wrench can be of different size/ Make sure you get the one that fits your car’s Oil filter. You can buy this at Wally , or most discount parts stores. Specialized cup type wrenches are available online or at the dealer parts  section.

Seen here is a cup type wrench used in cars like the LEXUS :

Cup Type Flter Wrench - BMW  LEXUS MERCEDES

Oil Drain Pan:-  This is the container to collect the used oil that you drain from your car. You can get these at Walmart or Advance or AutoZone.

Oil Drain Pump. A hand held pump attached to a drain jug that can be used to suck out oil from the oil level stick. You don’t need this for most cars. But certain cars prefer that you drain the oil by sucking it out.


Jack Stands: - These come in a pair and are used to raise front or the back at the same time. Reasons for raising include: - Oil change , Brake Pads and Tire Rotation  etc.

You really cant depend on the Car’s OEM Jack to do job. The Car’s OEM Jack is more like an emergency device.


Floor Jack: - These are the hydraulic jack . where by you can push a bar down several time to lift your car. Once your car is lifted always support it with a Jack Stand to the required height. Never try to creep under a car , just by supporting it under the Jack.  There have been too many accidents , to ignore this one. If your cars ground clearance is small you need a low profile jack , a jack that can creep under the car . Sears , Harbor Freight, major discount parts store :- Advance Auto , Auto Zone , PepBoys , NAPA and O-Reilly carry these , some times they have specials on the set of Jack and 2X Stands.



For Safety :- Nitrile gloves, Work gloves and Safety goggles – Always recommended , can have these cheap at Harbor Freight or similar (like Northern Tools) or even Big Lots


Misc Tools – Flat and Philips Screwdrivers, a good hammer and a mallet, Pliers and vice grips.

Sand Paper: - Home Depot /Sears carry a variety

Files: - A set of files can be purchased from Harbor Freight for cheap.

If you want to get serious about caring and reparing your car see the list of optional tools