Tools and important items to be kept in your car at all times

Tools and important items to be kept in your car at all times :

1.) Spare Tire Kit :- Most cars come with a doughnut style or compact style or a regular spare tire and a mini jack and wheel nut wrench.  Take a minute to inspect your new or used car purchase to make sure it is all included in the kit. If any item is missing , it can be purchased on popular auction sites, it will be hard to find a doughnut spare tire at a regular parts store.  Exception are those cars with Run Flat Tires. Seen below is the minimum tool kit with the doughnut style spare that most car manufacturers supply

2.) Tire Inflator and Tire leak sealant like Stop Leak. If you have any trouble with hole or nail in the tire, you would need something to inflate it till you get to a tire shop.Or you would prefer to use stop leak to if you dont want to attend to the leak for a day or 2.

3.) Tire Pressure Gauge.  Don't depend on those at the Gas Stations. A gauge is pretty cheap , and are a copule of types  there is the simple one , the dial one and the digital one.

3.) Your car's User Manual in the glove compartment

4.) Insurance card , Copy of Registration in the glove compartment.

5.) AAA card if applicable.

6.) A Flashlight

7.)  Optional - A Jumper Cable.

Most recent premium and luxury cars these days come with maintanence kits that have the most of the things listed above. So make sure to inspect what the kit has and does not have.